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Case Study


The old way of doing things can't handle multiple ITSM, ITOM tools, & complex legacy infrastructure


Future-ready IT operations support multiple tools, technologies & complex infrastructure


Have you seen the signs?

While most organizations are moving towards integrated and streamlined IT operations, the majority lag behind. IT executives, like you, struggle to execute an effective transformation.

Technical challenges

  • IT not the first to know
  • Long resolution cycles
  • Inflexible technology stack & development processes
  • Inefficient event & alert management
  • Frequent application outages & fire fighting

Business Impact

  • No unified view of operations
  • Non-optimized ROI
  • Increased time-to-market for new products
  • Lack of compliance & security protocols
  • High cost of ownership

Identify your challenges:

Blueprint for a comprehensive transformation

IT operations transformation isn’t just about relevance; it’s about meeting the demands of the market now and positioning your entire business to capitalize on emerging trends. IT can no longer accept the passive supporting role they’ve occupied for decades.


Your IT transformation journey begins with making your operations more:


Hybrid & Managed Cloud:
  • End-to-end management of private, public, and hybrid clouds, enables focus on growth and innovation.
  • Use cutting edge tools, & best practices to monitor and manage cloud infrastructure, which reduces risks and ensures adherence to SLAs.


DevOps & Bi Modal:


  • Create instant agility & streamlined application delivery with Devops technologies.
  • Develop, build, test and deploy software across AWS, Azure or on-premises environments.
  • Concurrent management (Bi Modal) of IT delivery models to focus on stability, safety, agility and speed (which isn't easy).


  • Discover security gaps, threats, and potential issues with single-pane-view, before they ever become problems (An average enterprise requires 28 different security tools).
  • 24×7 monitoring of critical business processes to detect vulnerabilities, risks, or compliance violations, and prioritize remediation.
  • Use automation to extend UBA (User Behavior Analytics) functionality to provide comprehensive insider threat protection.


Single pane of glass:


  • View and control your entire IT infrastructure by automating management, optimizing availability, performance and capacity to drive unified IT operations from a single pane of glass.
  • Manage applications based on any cloud, virtual and physical IT resources.
  • Unify monitoring, alerts, incidents, maintenance, and reports in a single dashboard
  • Gain control and visibility across your entire hybrid IT infrastructure to boost reporting quality and streamline service delivery.

Are your IT operations ready for transformation?

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Learn how to baseline and benchmark your IT operations to achieve improvements.

What's in it for you?

  • Improved visibility
  • Complete control
  • Increased ROI
  • Innovation & agility
  • Enhanced customer experience

Improved visibility

The problem


You’re often the last to know about network or application availability problems, breaches, or other mission-critical issues because your team lacks visibility across the enterprise.


  • Centralize & automate most monitoring and alerting systems to extend visibility across the enterprise, while uncovering shadow IT operations.
  • Continuously delivery and evolving applications help build deeper metrics and reporting capabilities across applications, networks, and other infrastructure.

Complete control

The problem


Your IT team reacts to network outages, performance issues, and support tickets instead of playing a proactive role in supporting business strategies.



  • Free up expensive resources to work on business strategy & initiatives by automating runbooks, processes and resources.
  • Improve visibility of your infrastructure with the ability to monitor from all sides.
  • Reduce time-to-resolution by seeing issues before they happen with performance monitoring, ticketing analytics and more.

Increased ROI

The problem


Balancing cost with service capability is not easy. It's a struggle to rein in CapEx because your existing infrastructure requires constant maintenance and upgrades.



  • Transition to a modern, service-based model that uses cloud-based technologies to unify key processes across service, asset, and project management operations.
  • Improve efficiency (and eliminate wasted man-hours) by providing enhanced visibility and reporting capabilities.

Innovation & agility

The problem


Traditional processes and workflows make it difficult to conceptualize, execute, and deliver new services and products quickly and efficiently. Building institutional knowledge that allows you to iterate quickly is limited by outdated models for testing and development.



  • Enabling true “bi-modal” IT that emphasizes agility and speed as one track of IT service delivery, while maintaining the predictability of existing systems and processes.

Enhanced customer experience

The problem


Customers grumble that products and services don’t work the way they're expected to, and problem resolution isn’t as fast or easy as they’d like. Resources are spread too thin, creating a less-than-optimal customer experience.



  • Accelerate responses to performance concerns with existing products or applications.
  • Streamline delivery of upgrades and patches.
  • Rapidly develop next-gen services that keep pace with evolving customer demands.

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