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Are Your Managed Service Operations Best-In-Class?

Modern IT is becoming more complex, as tools and technologies change. At the same time, clients are demanding more of everything – innovation, insights, efficiency, cost savings, etc. – from their service providers. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are responding to these changes by re-examining their service operations. Without updating legacy service delivery operations and methodologies, MSPs will be unable to scale into new technologies and larger client segments, increase optimization and efficiencies, offer greater breadth and depth in technology solutions, and grow revenues and profits at best-in-class levels.

Is your business concerned about its service operations performance?
How can you do MORE with less? Examining your service operations and looking for ways to optimize them is critical. 
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Why Change Your Service Operations?

Successful MSPs are defining the meaning of modern service operations by offering and delivering high-value recurring revenue services on demand. The work isn’t easy. They’re handling increasingly complex environments in the form of on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructure. The result? MSPs are wondering how, or if, they can continue to grow and scale.

Have your service operations been optimized to ensure the highest quality? Have you properly considered how to do so while achieving elite customer satisfaction and revenue growth? Do you have an efficient and effective way to introduce new service offerings around emerging technologies? Are your service operations configured to ensure the best use of resources and the most cost-effective delivery of service workloads? These are tough questions!

NetEnrich has helped some of the largest and most successful service providers in North America address these concerns. Our partners come to us to learn about and secure outcome-based solutions to common issues such as:

Inefficient Service Ops
M​argins Pressure 
C​lient Satisfaction
W​orkforce Optimization

Inefficient Service Operations

  • Service providers continue to struggle with limited breadth & depth of technologies and services offered. Rapid market changes & client demands are forcing them to deliver a broader and deeper services catalog to meet these requirements.
  • Successful providers are finding out that they have immature service operations. The operations aren’t optimized for scale; deployment of tools and technologies is inefficient & require next-gen monitoring capabilities to effectively manage upcoming technologies.
  • Service offerings need to be well productized, competitive, and must cover the spectrum of value being demanded by clients. MSPs are facing challenges with introducing new service offerings and technologies, in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Common issues include minimal automation & lack of innovation on service offerings, reactive & inefficient service delivery processes, and wasted cycles and workloads on fire-fighting.

M​argins Pressure 

  • Service providers are noticing a trend of eroding margins and are unable to accelerate organic and inorganic growth without increasing Opex costs. They find it hard to optimize the cost of delivery for future scale, as they lack expertise in-house to plan for recurring revenue opportunities from ongoing activities such as networks, data center migration and management, infrastructure maintenance, and more.
  • Difficulty in supporting growth and complexity at the same time is haunting service providers. Their engineers are preoccupied with huge volumes of alerts, alarms, and other routine daily tasks that makes scaling operations exceedingly difficult.
  • Declining revenues due to customer attrition, inefficient processes and systems, use of multiple tools, time consuming noise and alerts, and lack of optimized IT operations cause problems while trying to control costs and improve ROI.

C​lient Satisfaction

  • Inability to provide consistent client experiences and lack of a robust governance model is leading to increased client attrition for service providers.
  • Service providers are realizing that cloud and hardware resale are no longer viable differentiators or growth drivers, especially when they’re delivered using traditional element management instead of service-level management.
  • Lack of tools and framework required to provide extensive monitoring, proactive services, and visibility, to be the ‘First-to-know’ of customer outages is an issue for businesses still using enterprise tools instead of tools specifically created to suit the need of service providers.

W​orkforce Optimization

  • High quality technical resources are expensive and hard to find.
  • Today’s networking technology—virtualization, data center migrations, and cloud deployment and management—requires specific expertise and refined skills that are in high-demand across the board.
  • Many service providers are unable to optimize resource utilization measures. They struggle to effectively shift-left servicing of workloads from expensive field resources(L3/L4) to support staff(L1). High-cost resources are not being used efficiently, due to lack of automation and people intensive models.


Consistent Recurring Revenues & Optimized Margins

Customers are looking for options to manage complex infrastructure, and your credibility depends on how well you can support a wide-array of complex technologies and 24x7 ongoing IT operations services seamlessly and cost effectively to deliver the ultimate client experience. 


The most successful managed service providers today understand that the top priority for their business is to deliver revenue consistency and predictability. You need recurring revenues to drive valuation, while ensuring high quality services and stickiness with your customers. It enhances account control and customer insights to help you service clients more effectively. 



Supporting robust recurring revenue with managed services isn’t easy. Some of the challenges include:

Design & Development

Service Design & Development

  • Service providers struggle to design and rollout new services consistently and effectively
  • Creation of SOW’s, Delivery Process Outline, Entitlements, & SLA’s isn’t easy
  • Heavy annual investment is needed for staffing, tooling, process development and design, across a broad technology portfolio

Process Engineering

Process Engineering

  • Changing the focus from technical skill and tooling, to process engineering and client satisfaction
  • Detailed, established processes for everything from Alert Management, Event Management, and L0-L3 escalation/resolution



  • Service providers can’t staff the required skills and technology breadth necessary to deliver more/new services​
  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates is a competitive endeavor, and often a costly one

Managed Service Operations Transformation

This is where we can help. Many of the largest and most successful service providers have turned to NetEnrich to help tackle service operations challenges. As a Master Managed Services Provider we enable you to deliver a broad array of technology management solutions, optimize service delivery operations for scale, improve service quality and client satisfaction, while boosting profitability and efficiency.

Revenue. Revenue. Revenue.

  • Improve margins by accelerating organic and inorganic growth
  • Increase breadth and depth of technology coverage​
  • Productization and faster time-to-market for new solutions
  • Industrialized services delivered through pre-defined SKUs & SOSs

Consolidate and Aggregate - Everything

  • Centralization of service delivery for consistency and scalability ​
  • Improved cost of delivery for future scale​
  • Transformation to Service Provider tools from Enterprise Tools​

Scale Operations - Advanced Skills and Capabilities

  • Proven capabilities​ across various traditional & emerging technologies - Shared services provided for Event Management, SOP Management, Vendor Management, Carrier Management, Desktop Patching, Work Place Hub, Security Operations Centre (SOC), and Cloud Migration and Management to ensure rapid growth in managed services
  • Integrated Virtual Team to ensure you are the face to your client and you maintain total control of your operations. 
  • 14+ years of service operations optimization​ & transformation experience with compliance to ITIL, ISO, PCI & HIPAA

Nothing but the BEST - Next-gen Tools and Platform​

  • SaaS solution with Global deployment for scale​
  • Built for Service Providers by a Service Provider​
  • Leveraged by over 100+ Service Providers to Service SMB as well as Enterprise Customers


With NetEnrich's support, we are our clients' 24x7x365 virtual IT department

— David Prince, President, Databranch

NetEnrich helps me accelerate my business, by being the conduit for new technologies. I can spend my time, running my business & dealing with clients, while they take care of the process and delivery.

— John Lertzman, Founder & CEO, Fulton Street Software

They enable us to rationalize, consolidate, and integrate our customers' IT operations into a single pane of glass.

— Ron Dupler, CEO, GreenPages



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