On-Demand Solutions


Event Monitoring

Execute tasks including collecting, analyzing, prioritizing, signaling occurrences and incidents, sending notifications and escalations according to a pre-set 'escalation matrix'.


SOP Execution

Experienced teams to manage server environments, and execute Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and business processes for incidents occurring in the IT environment, such as server downtime or poor performance.



The patching team manages every instance and variable, including identifying patches and risks, vetting them, checking security, testing and validation before and after installation.


Release Management

We manage new releases of firmware, which include both minor and major releases. Minor releases are usually non-disruptive while major releases, often involve data migration.


OEM Management

We help resolve issues in the IT environment caused by the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) software or hardware developed by companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, etc.


Circuit Management

Our circuit management services include troubleshooting and resolving LAN/WAN circuit issues like trunking, SIP, broadband, DSL, and frame relate in the customer’s environment or outside it, in coordination with the telco provider.



Experts with advanced BI and analytics skillsets can create custom reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights related to monitoring and management, on various types of data in the IT environment.


Technology Experts

Our experts in IT Operations Management have advanced domain expertise in many technology areas such as servers, UC, network operations, security, storage, database and datacenter management, etc.


We help automate the MACD (“Move,” “Add,” “Change” and “Delete”) tasks related to change management in any environment, including servers, networks, storage, UC, and apps, via scripts, or provide multi-functional resources who can manage these tasks.